Marketing of units/ shares of UCITS established in EU Member-states in Bulgaria

Directive 85/611/EEC was transposed in the Bulgarian legislation with an amendment of the Law on Public Offering of Securities. Therefore the notification procedure of UCITS is regulated by this law. The FSC applies in its practice also CESR’s guidelines to simplify the notification procedure of UCITS since there are no other requirements besides those provided in the Law on Public Offering of Securities. The Guidelines present a common approach for notification of UCITS from European Union. Their purpose is to achieve greater simplicity, transparency and certainty to the notification procedure and accelerate the processing of notifications. That is why the information published in the link provided below forwards directly to CESR’s Guidelines and requires UCITS to submit a notification letter according to these Guidelines:

The model notification letter which is published in the below-provided link in Bulgarian and English and which is required by the FSC from UCITS is the one set out in Annex II in the Guidelines:
(A Model of Notification letter in Bulgarian)
(A Model of Notification letter in English)

The rules for marketing of units/shares of European UCITS in Bulgaria and other specific regulations related to the notification procedure following Annex III of the CESR’s Guidelines, can be downloaded hereafter:
(National marketing rules in Bulgarian)
(National marketing rules in English)