Marketing of units/shares of UCITS established in Bulgaria in other Member States

The notification procedure for UCITS established in Bulgaria that intend to market their units/shares in another Member State, is regulated by CESR’s Guidelines to simplify the notification procedure of UCITS that have been published on 29 June 2006 and the host state legislation.
CESR’s Guidelines are available in English on CESR website:

The marketing arrangements and rules for Bulgarian UCITS in another Member States are set out in the host state legislation. Any supplementary information can be found on the host Member States authorities’ Internet sites.
According to the CESR’s Guidelines, if UCITS established in Bulgaria intend to market their units/shares in another Member State, the Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission (FSC) provides them with an attestation as referred to in Annex I of the CESR’s Guidelines.
The UCITS shall request a new attestation from the FSC if there are any changes in relation to the original attestation. The new attestation should be submitted to the host state authority.
The notification procedure requires UCITS to submit a notification letter (Annex II of CESR’s Guidelines) which can be downloaded hereafter:
(A Model of Notification letter in Bulgarian)
(A Model of Notification letter in English)